About us

Sarah Cooper: Head Banger, Course Designer, Crusher of Souls

I like all bikes, both fat and skinny tires, and any road that will take me someplace cool. I’ve raced plenty of paved road ultra cycling events (RAW, RAAM, Texas Time Trials, The 508, 24 hours of Sebring, etc.), but gravel races are my favorite. I prefer the long stuff (Trans Iowa, Odin’s Revenge, The Alexander, 24 Hours of Cumming, Spotted Horse) to get the best blend of scenery, fun, and abject misery. I believe a free event where you can crush yourself in a weekend and still get to work on Monday has immense value to the cycling community. If you struggle to find time and money to race ultra distance events, Iowa Wind and Rock is my gift to you.

Steve Fuller: Spotted Horse Herder, friendly face, deer whisperer

I love riding gravel, racing gravel, and I love the people that come to gravel events. Gravel events have allowed me to race all over the midwest, west and Canada and pushed me to do things I never thought would be possible 10, or even 5, years ago: TransIowa, Dirty Kanza, The Alexander, and Tour Divide among them. My cherished riding memories all come from times that I’ve needed to push beyond a personal boundary or have helped someone to push beyond theirs. Plenty of people have given to me over the years, so now it’s time for me to give back in some small way.

DorI Jansma: The Glue, keeper of details, finish line fanatic

Dori has her hands full making sure the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed before the start as well as at the check-in and finish. Dori is a long time member of the Central Iowa cycling community. When she’s not keeping Steve and Sarah in line, she can be found riding the local trails or providing safe bicycle parking at events throughout the Des Moines metro throughout the summer.